Friday, November 27, 2009

Sadistic Reply


  1. Australian Foreign Ministry’s reply reflects the bankrupt nature of Israel centric, unrealistic and vicious foreign policy of Australia.

  2. This issue as is dealt under the second Protocol of Zionism, It Is followed exactly by the Australian Foreign Affairs.

    PLS see Protocols of Zionism in Google

  3. Australian Foreign Ministry has replied like a pathological liar, who by the way will refuse to accept his responsibility and act according to the Law.

    Instead it makes a mockery of the system. And the people who voted for his government.

    Dont forget that These Labour Government comes and beg for the votes in Lakemba during Election Time for more than 25 years of my knowlwdge.

    We Have to get our own representation in the Parliament , we have to stop Voting for Labour Party.

  4. I think Australian Foreign minister is a perverted saddist and not to mention th eparty he represents.

    Why do any muslim shoul vote for Labour or the Liberal ( even worst) why cant they vote for some other party like Australian Muslim Party

  5. Australian Foreign Ministry is made up of a low self esteem low intellect people who do not represent the real day to day peopleof Australia.

  6. Please see

  7. Why the Australian justice and Media is silent in this matter.

    Do they silently approoving this unjustified Open Mosque Attack of Zetland.

    Why the Justice is partial to all Australian Muslim Community.