Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Corporate Media Lead Robotic Australia

The Corporate Media Lead Robotic Australia

The Influence of the neo-cons, Specifically Prejudice and Bigotry in the Climate Change Debate was very strong. They removed science and facts from the debate! The shock jocks and tabloid media manipulated consent and opinion and as a result Phony Tony (Tony Abbott) managed to remove Malcolm Turnbull.

Phony Tony (Tony Abbott) is worse than John Howard and he is good on rhetoric but short on substance. Consequently Phony Tony (Tony Abbott) is popular today like John Howard!

John Howard is a very cruel and mean person. He went on to spend around 9 billion dollar i.e. 3 million dollar per person directly and indirectly to demonise, de-humanise, torture and terrorise a few thousands unlucky people who had drifted to our shores for genuine political asylum. Howard became the most popular political leader of Australia due to his skillful manipulation of prejudice and bigotry! However, he did not give a rise to pensioners or unemployed. John Howard also initiated the most racist and self centered The Northern Territory Intervention with spectacular failure beside many infamous worker bashing policies!

The incumbent Kevin Rudd is not great but he gave rise to pensioners. He also gave money to almost everyone as stimulus package to keep the economy afloat. Kevin is also trying to fix many mess and cruelty of John Howard.

Yet, the ungrateful pensioners are angry at Kevin Rudd for not spending 3 million per person to demonise, de-humanise, torture and terrorise a few ‘boat people”! Even other vulnerable groups are cranky at him due to a blatantly one sided cunning and creative campaign by the shock jocks and tabloid media outlets! It is somewhat similar to Colwell, Heffron, Whitlam, … legacy! These people made it easier for the children of farm workers, factory workers, mine workers, …. to go to the universities and enjoy many other opportunities from the society! Yet, the son of a mechanic John Howard was very keen to block the ladder to the poor, unfortunate and vulnerable!!

Right now Australia became the foreign owned and controlled “quarry” of the world. These “slash and burn farmers” are not really adding any value to the society. Brave and nationalistic Kevin Rudd imposed a pragmatic tax on these mobs. Alas! Opportunist and greedy shock jocks and tabloid media outlets are showing their enthusiasm by joining in one sided vendetta against the incumbent government while their anti-Australian facades are becoming evident.

This deliberately one sided vendetta and manipulation of the shock jocks and tabloid media outlets are so strong and obvious. Now, even they are setting the political agenda to make their masters happy rather than reporting them truthfully and accurately.

Even they are encouraging Julia Gillard to challenge Kevin Rudd and many dumb Labor politicians are getting nervous about the whole scenario.

All in all, it is a road map of a robotic society like USA. A society controlled and manipulated by the corporate media rather than public and public good!

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  1. Robotic media is responsible for all the chaos and anarchy in this country.